Package cleaning - LED

Process Objective

By cleaning the burr and dirt on the LED package, the deterioration of the reflection ratio of a reflecting surface can be prevented.
The point of contact between LED chip and die pad can be guaranteed.

The backgrounds of process development

Conventional materialsThermoplastic resin

  • No burrs occurs.
  • Reduction of brightness and change in colors are due to long time usage of LED.

New material - Thermosetting resin

  • It excels in thermal resistance and light resistance.
  • Burrs occur.

※Burrs occur at molding process due to change in packaging material characteristics from thermoplastic to thermosetting resin.

It is necessary to remove resin burrs.

Problems relating to burr removal

Separation of frame and resin, and breakage of package occur due to high pressure of water-jet processing.

Process image

The characteristic of Wet-blast

1) By the precision physical cleaning, flash-burrs on electrode plane can be perfectly removed.

Principles of cleaning

Dirt and foreign objects are removed together with the surface of the work piece by the impact given by the energy of particles and water in high speed.

2) It is possible to suppress damages to package applied by loose abrasive processing.

Less pressure onto the work piece is applied by continuous pulse processing to its surface

3) It is possible to suppress damages to the surface of the package applied by low pressured micro-particle processing.

Examples of associated equipment (mini PFE 100)


  • Inline processing from wet-blasting to water rinse followed by cutwater is applicable.
  • Whole front /back surface processing is applicable by using our own wide gun.
  • Higher spatial usability by downsizing the cell is realized.
  • Precision physical cleaning using micro-particles are realized.



Work sizeWidth:20-80mm
Acceptable warpage level of work piece:Less than 1mm of center warpage
Conveyor transportation speed0.1-3.0m/min
GunWide Gun 90mm×1.0mm One each for top and bottom
Power supplyAC200V,50/60Hz, 3 phases
Power consumption2.6kW (Total rated apparent power of all the cell)
Air supply pressure0.5MPa or more, 0.7MPa and below
Air consumption4.1m3/min (NTP at 0.25MPa of preset blast air pressure)

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