Features of Medibright

Medibright = Media + Bright

It is our own system of surface processing which differs from the usual surface finishing, such as hair-line and mirror finishing, and satin finishing.

Various surface finishes from dully bright surface finish to glossy half-bright surface can be applicable by using the characteristic of wet-blasting which can project micro-particles, by using a special gun which can project slurry (mixed liquid of abrasives and water) uniformly, and the combination of abrasive conditions such as material type, shape and size.  It is equivalent to all sorts of metallic material such as iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum etc. and treatment to complex shapes is applicable.  Also, finishing, cleaning oil and foreign objects, removing rust, removing welding by burning can be done at the same time.  Today it is used for surface finish of several purposes such as the main frame for digital devices like digital cameras, engine body for automobile/bike and even housing materials.

Differences of processing surface

Shape of abrasives
(Glass Beads)

(Zirconia Beads)

FeatureIt becomes a smooth dimple shape and bright surface.It becomes a non-uniform dimple shape and has a dull satin surface.It becomes sharp edged and uneven shape and has satin surface.
Surface photographs
Shape of abrasives used
Cross-sectional shape
(Difference of optical reflection)
Surface photographs observed by laser microscope
Surface photographs observed by SEM

Sample piece

By changing the shape, size and material of abrasives, various types of roughness of surface are given.

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