What is Peening?

This is a surface treatment by forging; hitting the metal surface with a round-head hammer.
Shot-peening is a surface treatment method for improving the mechanical characteristics of material surfaces, by hitting innumerable spherical particles at metal surfaces, applying residual compressive stress to the materials, and making plastic deformation and surface hardening to the work piece surface.

What is Wet Peening?

It is a new peening method which combines the wet-blasting system and the "wide gun" - a gun which is of our own.

Characteristics of the wet-peening method

1) Uniform treatment to the whole surface simultaneously.

It can treat the whole surface with uniform peening strengths in terms of compressive residual stress and hardness and surface roughness.

2) One-pass treatment to large area.

By using a wide gun one-pass treatment to a large area, which was conventionally required to use more than one projecting gun, is applicable.

3) High productivity and low production cost treatment.

The treatment is finished in less than the original method, and the energy consumption can be reduced.

About Wide gun, the core technology of wet-peening method.

About Wide gun

1) Slit-shaped nozzle cross section.
2) Processing power to the whole surface is uniform

Difference of conventional guns

Difference of projection patterns

Conventional guns Wide gun
Peening intensity is the strongest at the center and it becomes weaker as it comes to periphery area. Projection power is uniform to the whole area in the direction of slip length except for both ends.
Difference of conventional guns

Utilization results

About non-uniform processing

About non-uniform processing

Processing example

Peening processing to fan blades of jet engines

Process image

Process image

Treatment can be done equally to both sides of the fan-blade with the same peening strength.
For a large area treatment, huge reduction in processing time can be achieved by the use of a wide gun.

Examples of associated equipment (BPM-120A)

An automatic surface treatment cell for peening aviation engine parts.
The entire surface treatment is done on the turn-table, by moving the work piece into the blasting room using a trolley.

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