Management Policy

Our mission

Throughout manufacturing, we uphold our values that are useful for our society.

Our sense of value

The values we uphold are more than their remunerations.

Ideal figure of our staff

Work with pride as professionals and have a commitment to work.

We will contribute to the growth of industries and prevent damages of our environment by evolving the rare Wet Blasting Technology

As a manufacturing professional, we make it our goal to provide value to our customers.
We find it our most important mission, to make our customers happy.
We promise to provide the finest value, through the usage of wet-blasting technology.

Ideal figure of our staff

  • 1) Continue the pursuit of personal growth
  • 2) Act with positive thinking
  • 3) Have pride as professionals
  • 4) Do not blame others for your faults
  • 5) Keep promises