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I have known the wet blast technology for 30 years.
With the motto "always moving forward for the technology", we have developed the wet blast system as we have been interacting with various customers.
I'm sure that wet blast technology became a helpful method for the society.
It is a physical processing method using abrasive, water and air. Basically, it is a very simple processing way of throwing a thing to an object, which makes the surface treated. It is very simple but, just because of that, there are many technical difficulties.
Macoho is proud of consisting on the method for 30 years so that we have accumulated the technical know-how.

There is a thing that we can realize only with a physical method.

"Macoho will realize what the other method cannot do."

This states the meaning of Macoho's existence.
Adhering to wet blast for 30 years, we have found a lot of places or aspects where we can contribute to with the method.
The technology was used for de-burring metal or resin, since our company was first established and is now widely used for such things as electronic materials for a mobile phone. As it is physics, by changing the factor (abrasive), it has many possibilities for it's usage. This is the greatest characteristic of the method.

Macoho will consist on a physical processing method, wet blast.
We are sure that we could find a lot of things to contribute to the environment because the method is a physical way.
Macoho earnestly hope that we will continue to contribute to create a better society with our loving and developing method which has raised Macoho until now.

Sachito Matsubara
Representative Director,
Macoho Co., Ltd.

Representative Director, Sachito Matsubara