Quality, Safety, Environmental and Security

Macoho has annual quality, safety, environment and information security policies and make effort to achieve each goal.


We will offer greater quality than the customers expectations, and achieve higher customer satisfaction. We will make constant effort to acquire knowledge and skill, and make effort to improve continuously as well as trying to realize quality target. Our quality policy shall permeate the whole company. Our aim is to become a company that engenders a safe culture and live together with the local society.


Safety is the top priority.
We respect human nature and try to maintain our health both mentally and physically.
A safe working place and a comfortable working environment is not given to you, but you can get it by individual.

The trend of number of accidents

Numbers of industrial accidents (Closing days)000
Numbers of industrial accidents (No days off)221
Traffic accident (includes out of duties)115


Macoho understands that grappling with environmental problems are our social duties, and we aim at becoming a company which contributes to the realization of affluent society with human nature.

  • In all areas of social activity, we will try to conserve resources and energy.
  • Environmental policy will be told to all employees, as well as giving them an environmental management education.
  • We will recognize the risk to the environment and attempt to decrease them from the entire society.


We will take proper action in order to protect information assets, and will live up to our customer's reliance. Upon handling information assets, we will strictly keep to the rules and regulations, and guidelines. We will do an inspection and checking information security and also make continuous changes on a regular basis.