We have a wide variety of product line-ups upon customer's requests, from manually-operated equipments to fully-automated equipments.

WBP processing (wet-blasting + Phosphate) - Automobile

Barrel type wet-blasting and conversion coating equipment

Tumble barrel type wet-blasting and Phosphate conversion coating equipment which has a large capacity to process, as it has a drum type barrel for continuous automatic processing of degreasing, cleaning, roughening and conversion coating to metal fittings.
It is applicable for complex shaped work pieces such as a cylindrical shaped bush and mount etc. or sheet shaped work piece like metal fitting for disc brakes.

WBP processing (wet-blasting + Phosphate) - Automobile

Hanger type wet-blasting equipment

Wet-blasting equipment that has hangers on which metal fittings are put and degreased, cleaned, roughened, rinsed and dried automatically.
It is equivalent to all sorts of work piece shapes, by changing the shape of the hanger.

WBP processing (wet-blasting + Phosphate) - Automobile

Wet Blasting Cell with a rotating barrel

A cell used for a thorough entire surface treatment of small part surfaces with complex shape.
It can be used from wet-blasting to rinsing, and also for multi-purposes such as cleaning, surface roughening, and peeling.

Lubricant coating pretreatment(WLS) - Forging

Wet Blast Process cell Index Rotary Type

Index cell for large parts which can implement continuous production as it has a function that can replace two stages, i.e., wet-blasting stage and work piece setting stage, so both processing and setting work piece can be done at the same time.

Pretreatment Coating - Carbide tool
Pre-treatment of rounding for a cutting blade - Carbide tool

Wet blast cell for processing carbide tips

Automatic processing cell equipment for surface treatment of small parts placed in the cartridge holder. Function that clamps the work piece set in the cartridge holder and transfers it to the blasting stage for processing and then returns it to the original position.

Deflash - Semiconductor
Cleaning - LED

Precision physical clean cell
mini PFE 100

Small cell using wide gun is used for electric industry such as printed-circuit boards or semiconductors. By processing to both sides uniformly, it can apply for rod shape and sheet shape. Applicable for ceramic and Cu plate.

The Treatment Processing Example for the Filler-contained Resin - Printed Wiring Boards

Wet-blasting processing cell with X-axis
WFB-2-2C (Lambda)

Processing cell which can process the whole surface of the work piece with its size up to 600x250mm. The wide gun with 250mm width nozzle moves fowards the X-axis direction. It is applicable to deal with different work piece figures, due to the jig figures.

Improvement of the wettability of underfills and prevention of bleeding - substrate
Processing filler-containing resins - substrate
Pre-cleaning for gold-plating - substrate

Precision physical clean equipment
PFE - Phisical Fine Etcher

Surface treatment equipment for precision physics cleaning to sheet material surfaces like printed-wiring substrates (thickness range: 0.2-2.0mm, width spec: less than 610mm) It processes both sides of the lamina materials evenly, and is able to continually process automatically the steps from water rinsing to cutwater followed by drying.
It is usable for washing printed-wiring boards, removing foreign objects and oxidized films, desmear, roughening surfaces, and etching.

Decontamination system for lower-level radioactive waste - Electricity

Manually-operated wet-blasting cell for decontamination

Manually-operated decontamination cell system for removing surface contamination on lower-level radioactive wastes of dismantled parts due to abolition of nuclear reactors, or reducing their contamination levels.

Large-sized manual wet-blasting cell

A cell for manually processing the surface of large size parts which are placed on the turn-table. Surface treatment for aviation and automobile parts etc. is applicable.

Peening - Aircraft part

Glass Bead Peening cell

Automated surface peening cell for metal fittings for aero-engine parts. The entire surface treatment is done on the turn-table, by moving the work piece into the blasting room using a trolley.

Medibright - Surface finely

Wet Blast Process Unit Index Rotary Type

Index processing cell for small parts which can implement continuous production as it has a function that can replace two stages, i.e., wet-blasting stage and work piece setting stage, so both processing and setting work piece can be done at the same time.


Manual wet-blasting cell for restoration

MRB-7, a manually-operated wet-blasting cell, which is a compactly integrated wet-blasting technology. Due to the ergonomic designs, tireless operation is achieved, even from long-time work.

Removal of support materials

Manual wet-blasting cell for removing support materials

Manually-operated wet-blasting cell for removing support materials on the surface of product processed by a laser etching cell.

Research and Development

Wet-blasting cell for R&D use.
Jr. Type Ⅱ

Jr. Type II is a compact wet blasting equipment for research and development. A wide gun developed by unique technology in 1-axis drive enables uniform processing. Various surfaces can be created with a large range of abrasive selection so that it is suitable for trial tests or setting conditions.

Research and Development

Desktop type wet-blasting cell for R&D use.
Baby Blast2

New cell, "Baby-blast 2", which has an enhanced usability achieved by the renewal design of the desktop type wet-blasting cell, "Baby-blast". We do not change the main specifications of a cell such as the 100v single phrase power supply and the compressed air which has less power than an air-gun. The improved parts are as follows; user-friendly display and operation panel, door's opening and closing.