Glass Bead Peening cell



An automatic surface treatment cell for peening aviation engine parts. The entire surface treatment is done on the turn-table, by moving the work piece into the blasting room using a trolley.


  • It is applicable to let a large size work piece into the chamber and take it out by a trolley type turn-table.
  • Teaching with 6-axies robot arm can be applicable.
  • Automatic work piece handling by a turn-table can be applicable.


Work sizeφ900×H600mm and below
Basic weight : 100kg and below
Gun3/8 inch flare nozzle Peening gun x1
Power supplyAC200V, 50/60Hz, 3 phases
Power consumptionAbout 9kW (Total rated apparent power of all the cell)
Air supply pressure0.6MPa or more, 0.8MPa and below
Air consumption3.0m3/min (NTP at 0.45 MPa of preset blast air pressure)
ConfigurationCeiling Shower, Robot is driven by teaching, Trolley type turn-table

Examples of application