Precision physical clean equipment
PFE - Phisical Fine Etcher



Surface treatment equipment for precision physics cleaning to sheet material surfaces like printed-wiring substrates (thickness range: 0.2-2.0mm, width spec: less than 610mm). It processes both sides of the lamina materials evenly, and is able to continually process automatically the steps from water rinsing to cutwater followed by drying. It is usable for washing printed-wiring boards, removing foreign objects and oxidized films, desmear, roughening surfaces, and etching.


  • Wide gun with 630mm in width is used and hence it can process a thinner plate with up to 610mm in width.
  • Processing both sides of the work piece is applicable.
  • Continuous automatic processing of blasting, rinse, cutwater and drying is applicable.
  • Processing without damaging the circuit on the surface of the substrate is applicable.
  • “Line and space 30um” is applicable.
  • Cleaning for any material types of substrate is applicable.


Work pieceThinner plate materials, Printed Wiring Boards
Work sizeWidth : 610mm and below
Length : 200~700mm
Thickness : 0.2~2.0mm
Conveyor transportation speed0.5~2.5m/min
GunWide Gun 630mm ×2
Power supplyAC200V, 50/60Hz, 3 phases
Power consumptionAbout 15kW (Total rated apparent power of all the equipment)
Air supply pressure0.5MPa or more, 0.7MPa and below
Air consumption19.9m3/min (NTP at 0.25 MPa of preset blast air pressure)
OptionSludge Recovery unit

Examples of application