Macorundum A#AluminaAngularIt is blocky shape and is high in bulk specific gravity as well as toughness.
Macorundum WA#AluminaAngularHigh density Alumina abrasive - its high purity is maintained by the chemical treatment, called Bayer process.
Macorundum SA#AluminaAngular (Sharp)The blade with comparably high grinding capability and efficiency will operate on the processing object.
Macoho Beads A-AluminaSphericalIt is an abrasive of alumina type fine powdered sphere that is suitable for more precise processing.
Macoho Resin TYPE3ResinAngularAbrasive made by resin with polygon shape - this has a higher grinding performance than that with spherical shape, and is suitable for removing side-burrs occurring after resin molding for IC parts.
Macoho Resin MR-ACS-ResinSphericalResin made micro-spherical abrasive - it has soft particles and can suppress surface damages for the object.
Glass Beads GB-GlassSphericalNearly perfect spherical shaped glass beads abrasive. Small grinding removal.
Micro Beads EMB-GlassSphericalNearly perfect spherical shaped micro-glass beads abrasive. Small grinding removal, and precision processing is applicable.
Zirblast B-ZirconiaSphericalAbrasive with high density Zirconium made by electric melting.
Stainless Grit GStainless steelAngularHigh density stainless steel abrasive with grid shape. Particles are hard and high in processing power.
Stainless Shot SStainless steelSphericalHigh hardness stainless steel abrasive with ball shape. Longer life-time due to less breakage etc.