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Maintenance cleaning for plant facilities to remove various types of dirt

Processing details

  • Washing

What is "Maintenance cleaning for plant facilities"?

This cleaning is a physical way to remove oil, rust, and dirt from parts removed during facility maintenance.

Problems of conventional processing method

Sand Blast

  • There is a risk of dust explosion due to dust.
  • Heat and statistic electricity are generated due to friction.
  • Surface is over-removed.


  • There is a risk of fire due to chemical reaction of solvents.
  • It requires waste water treatment.
  • It takes time due to manual operation.

The characteristics of wet-blast cleaning

  • There is no risk of fire due to a solvent as it is a physical cleaning.
  • It can prevent dust explosion because of wet environment in which no particle scattering occurs.
Clean environment
  • Processing is done in a clean environment, without any scattering dust.
Surface after cleaning
  • By using micro-particles (less than 50um in diameter), surface and screw thread are not damaged.
No pre-treatment is required.
  • Without any pre-treatment, oily and rusty parts can be cleaned directly.

Processing example

Removing dirt of bolts.


Peeling-off of shackle coating


Removing rusts of bolts


Examples of associated equipment


Large automatic equipment

Large equipment that a person can operate inside.
We design and manufacture equipment size based on the shape of the work piece.

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