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Wet Blast Process cell Index Rotary Type AMP600/400


Wet Blast Process cell Index Rotary Type


Two-stage index type processing cell

Index cell for large parts which can implement continuous production as it has a function that can replace two stages, i.e., wet-blasting stage and work piece setting stage, so both processing and setting work piece can be done at the same time.


  • There is no dent as the work piece is processed one by one.
  • Nozzle position and processing time are controlled by servo-control.
  • By replacing two stages (i.e., blasting and work piece setting parts), you can set a work piece while processing.
  • Three guns process to a three-dimensional work piece uniformly.
  • Entrainment prevention works by closing a safety front door when the table is inverting.


Size 1750(W)×2400(D)×3155(H)mm
Inner diameters 1500(W)×1035(D)×1210(H)mm
Processing time 30s~/batch
Gun φ11 Long Gun : 12-15 pieces
Power supply AC200V, 50/60Hz, 3 phases
Power consumption About 15kW (Total rated apparent power of all the equipment)
Air supply pressure 0.5MPa-0.7MPa
Air consumption 16m3/min (NTP at 0.4 MPa of preset blast air pressure)
Exhaust 20m3/min
Option Drain Processing Unit, Abrasive automatic supply unit, Sludge Recovery unit

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