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Hanger type wet-blasting equipment / ILB-604


Hanger type wet-blasting equipment


Automatic equipment capable of full-surface processing of complex shaped parts hung on a hanger

The equipment which automatically processes degreasing, cleaning, roughening, rinsing and drying to the work piece placed on a hanger. It is equivalent to all sorts of work piece shapes, by changing the shape of the hanger.


  • Entire surface treatment for complex shaped work piece is applicable by both hanger-rotation and gun-swing.
  • No deforms or scratches occur as the the work pieces do not impact on each other.
  • No arrangement for preparation is required if the work piece has similar shapes.


Size 6582(W)×3189(D)×2525(H)mm (equipment)
Work piece Complicated formed metal fittings
Work size Acceptable tolerance : φ180×250mm
Basic weight : 1kg / piece and below
Processing time Blasting processing time : 20s / 2piece (Standard)
Work piece transfer : 10s / 2piece (Standard)
Tact time can be set with the optimized processing time by using the type of metal fittings to be processed.
Gun 1 / 2 in. 4-multi Gun × 2
Power supply AC200V, 50/60Hz, 3 phases
Power consumption About 65kW (Total rated apparent power of all the equipment)
Air supply pressure 0.5MPa-0.7MPa
Air consumption 9m3/min (NTP at 0.3 MPa of preset blast air pressure)
Water supply 10L/min
Exhaust Blast : 10m3/min
Hot water rinse and cut water : 10m3/min
Option Feeder, Discharger, Drain Processing Unit, Abrasive automatic supply unit, Blast Sludge Recovery unit.

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