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Pretreatment for plating to remove burrs without damaging the semiconductors (deflashing)

Processing details

  • Removal

Process Objective

As a pre-treatment of plating process, the burrs which occurred at resin molding for semiconductor packaging, are removed.

Types of burrs

Types of burrs

Problems of flash-burr removal


Benefits of flash-burr removal by wet-blasting

  • Burrs can be perfectly removed by uniform treatment.
  • Package does not become white.
  • Processing power can be controlled with sub-micron order.

The characteristic of Wet-blast

1)By the precision physical cleaning, flash-burrs on electrode plane can be perfectly removed.


Principles of cleaning

Dirt and foreign objects are removed together with the surface of the work piece by the impact given by the energy of particles and water in high speed.

2)Reduction of non-uniform processing by using originally developed wide gun.

Conventional gun


Simultaneous projections by multiple guns.



Non-uniform processing occurs.

Wide gun


Projection by one gun in accordance with the processing width.



It is possible to process the whole surface uniformly.

3) It is possible to suppress damages to the package applied by loose abrasive processing.

Less pressure onto the work piece is applied by continuous pulse processing to its surface

4)It is possible to suppress damages to the surface of the package applied by low pressured micro-particle processing.


Example of flash-burrs

  Untreated After Wet-blasting process
Package Surface
deflash_17 deflash_18
Package Surface
deflash_19 deflash_20
Heat sink surface
Electron microscope
deflash_21 deflash_22
Heat sink surface
Laser microscope
deflash_23 deflash_24

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